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Hi! I'm Viren Mohindra
I make websites and stuff.
Heard of Trump Tracker?

NYU Film & CS '19

My work has been featured in:

I've also had the pleasure of working with a few notable people:


feat. Software Engineering, Data Science & Film

About me

I'm currently studying Film & Computer Science at New York University. My other interests include web development and data analysis.
I am currently a Co-Founder of Nuked Studios, a creative agency, and maintain Trump Tracker, the premier site for tracking Trump's promises.
On campus, I'm involved in the NYU Chess Club, NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, STEBA, and [email protected]

Programming Languages

Advanced: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R
Intermediate: C++
Basic: Java, Python

Technologies, Libraries & Tools

R Data Stack: dplyr, ggplot2, Shiny, RStudio
Databases: SQL, Google BigQuery
Film: Adobe Suite, FCPX, Pro Tools
General: Git/GitHub, Linux, Shell, LaTeX


Native Proficiency: English & Hindi
Elementary Proficiency French & Mandarin

Viren Mohindra


viren.mohindra (at)